Thursday, February 25, 2010

Making Irish Panty Purses

Getting tired of all of this snow we've been getting and thinking ahead to next month, to Saint Patrick's Day and have been inspired to make up some Irish Panty Purses.

Been snowed in a lot this month. Getting more of it right now while typing away. It started around 7 AM and it's now 9 AM and the snow is sticking to the ground.  The trees are once again covered with snow. Twice this month our recycle pick up will be snowed out you might say. They pick up every other week, on Thursdays. So now there is a months of recycleing contents sitting in plastic buckets in the house. Will be housebound for another couple of days, so, I'll more or less be sewing away moreso, again, the same thing I did the last couple of times we've been snowed in.

 Made up 3 batches of these Irish Panty Purses so far this month. Each batch consists of four of them, thus totaling a dozen all together. The reason I do up four at a time is because they need pieces of fabric twelve inches by ten inches to make them up. That's one third of a yard of material for each layer of fabric for making up the four of them.  The fabric is about fourty four inches wide, so four will fit across the width of the fabric.  The length of them is about six inches long, so, when doubling that, you end up with twelve inches for the length. 

 Most of the time I use 3 layers of fabric. The interfacing and the lining is usually the same fabric which more or less matches the outer fabric. This depends a lot on the tickness of the fabric. The two above with the white backgrounds are a thin cotton and did them up three layers thick, whereas the other one below is a thicker and heavier material, so it's only two layers thick. They are the ones in the panty purse tutorial from earlier this month.

Doing up the panty purse on my new sewing machine, the Brother SE350 is/was a breeze. Made a change on the pattern to overcome the problem with the eight inch zippers when making them up. Trimmed down the sides a wee bit at the top of them, which gives them a more defined angle on their sides.

Plus found out that the computerized sewing/embroidery machine has another built in safety feature. It lets you know when the bobbin is getting low. The machine kept on wanting to close down and turn off. Kept on over-riding that feature when just about finished with the fourth pair of panty purses.  Believe it or not, only had about eight inches of thread left in the bobbin when the last pair  was finished.  That was really, really cutting it close to really, really running out of thread in the bobbin, that's for sure.

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