Saturday, January 30, 2010

Vintage Looking Panty Purses

These Panty Purse really have a Vintage 50's look to them with the rick rack trim on them. The background fabrics that they are laying on are the same fabrics that I used for their linings. For their enclosures, I used white zippers that are going across the top of them.
The bottom pair has a removable wrist strap. When inserting the zipper all the way to one side, I ended up with a wee bit of a hole at the end of the zipper, so, I decided to add the removable wrist strap, which sorta fills up the hole..... I put a stop at the end of the wrist strap that's bigger than the hole at the end of the zipper. When centering the zipper, with an overhang on both sides, this small hole at the end of the zipper disappears......

Link to my NY Jets Undies/Panty Purse entry.

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The voting is over. Didn't win, but, thanks for voting on them anyway. Didn't really expect to win. Was just the challenge that was entreating.

2 Panty Purses. One with lace on the legs area and one without lace on it. Size is about 8 inches wide at the hips area. Length is about 6 inches from top zippered area to the crotch area. Can be used as a cosmetic bag or the like in a purse. I also put removable white cord wrist bands on them for jogging or for quick trips to the store when just carrying a small business size/charge card size mini holder inside it. For decorating them, also use matching rick rack on some of them in the leg areas and a row of rick rack just below the zipper that runs across the top of the bag. For these panty bags used the NY Jets Official fabric with a matching white lining.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Undies/Panty Purses

You've most likely heard of the Bra Purses, but, have you recently heard of the Undies/Panty Purses?

One of the craft groups I belong to started making them up, and, I joined in the fun of making them to my likings. Mine have a vintage look to them. Mainly because I put some rick rack and or lace on them. Some are plain because the trim would take away from the fabric design itself. Some even have removable wrist bands such as the one up above.

I even entered some Panty Purses into a craft contest that's being ran by J and O Fabrics over on Facebook. That's Pop in over there and check out my undie/panty purses there. The craft contest requires that you use the Official NFL fabric of one of the teams of same on your craft item. I had some of that fabric from the NY Jets in my fabric stash and put it to use for same. On Facebook, I'm known as Peggy Cox over there.