Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 3 - Making Panty Purses - The Finishing Touches

Now that the trim is sewn on and the zipper has been inserted into the panty purses, the next step is to finish them off. This is quite easy.

STEP # 1
After inserting the zipper, turn the Panty Purse inside out. Sew around the edges and leave a section open in the leg area as shown in photo number 1. Back-track over the zipper area for extra strength for tugging the zipper back and forth when opening and closing the panty purse. Make sure that you slide the zipper pull towards the inner section before sewing around the edges. You don't want the zipper pull on the outer parts of the zipper edges when you cut them off.

STEP # 2

Now that that is done, it's time to do the trimming. Cut off the zipper overhang/hangs as shown in photo number 2. You should have moved the zipper pull to the inner parts and it should not be in sight when cutting the excess zipper tails.

STEP # 3

Next, trim all of your corners as shown in photo number 3. This will make neater points.

STEP # 4

Turn the panty purse to the right side by pulling it through the leg opening. It will turn just half way. You will have to slide the zipper the rest of the way open to pull the lining outwards. After doing that, sew the opening up. I did it with using zig zag stitches as shown in photo number 4.

STEP # 5

You are now done with sewing up your panty purse. You might want to extend the length of the zipper pull by adding a key ring, a key chain or a ribbon or the like, as shown in photo number 5. I added a key ring to this one. Plus I added the white crocheted ribbon applique decoration after the panty purse was completed on this pair of panty purse. It was an after thought.

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