Sunday, February 7, 2010

Part 2 - Making Panty purses - Inserting the zipper.

Adding The Zipper

All of your trim and decorations should be put on the outside sections of the purse before inserting the zipper. Your interfacing and lining should also be attached to it beforehand, too. We will call the printed fabric the front side and the solid green side the back side of the purse. Both the interfacing and the lining are the same pink and white print. To click on photo to enlarge it for better viewing, use the photo down below instead of this one.


1. Your zipper should be longer than the width of the top of the panty purse as shown in photo number 1 . Lay your zipper across the top of the front edge of the panty purse. Your zipper should have an overhang as shown in photo number 1. It is okay to have an overhang on the other side, too. Move the zipper pull and tab all the way to the edge of the zipper, completely closing the zipper up. Sew across the length of the zipper in the fabric area of it either with a zipper foot or by moving the sewing machine needle towards the zipper's teeth as shown in photo number 9. DO NOT use a metal zipper. The best kind of zipper to use is the YKK plastic zippers or other zippers with plastic teeth that you can run a sewing machine over.

2. Turn your zipper upwards as shown in number 2.

3. Bring the interfacing up to the top edge as shown in photo 3. This would more or less look like the wrong sides of the fabric. The right sides of the panty purse should be inside, bent in half and facing each other.

4. Flip your work over. Insert straight pins below the zipper as shown in photo number 4.

5. Sew across the top edge of the zipper as you did in step number one. Then zig zag the edges of the zipper to the edges of the fabric that is beneath the zipper as shown in photo number 5.

6. DO NOT TRIM YOUR ZIPPER OVERHANG/OVERHANGS AT THIS POINT. That will be done after the sides are sewn together, just before turning the purse inside out. Sometimes you can even get away without trimming the zipper edges off at all, which really depends on how much of an overhang you have.

Click on the collage/photos to enlarge them.

Adding the trim to 5 panty purses
Inserting the zipper

5 panty purses completed, front & back views. Note that the rick-rack and the zipper colors are the same on each purse, but different on each purse, so no two are exactly alike, the way an artist might make one of his/her paintings, thus, making each one sorta an "original."


1. After the zipper has been sewn into place as above, make sure that the zipper pull and tab is pushed inwards past the edge of the fabric as shown in photo number 6. This is an important step. Sew back and forth over the zipper ends several times when sewing the sides together as shown in photo number 6.

2. After the sides are sewn together and partly turned, use your finger to push the zipper open to finish the turning so you can get to the inside lining to close up the unsewn section that you left open so that you could turn your work as shown in photo number 7.

3. Gently use your seam ripper for pulling all of your corners out for squaring them off when needed to do so. Also use it to straighten out both ends of the zipper after the panty purse is completed as shown in photo number 8.

4. Run 2 rows of stitching around the edges when sewing the sides up for extra durability. Check and make sure that the sewing isn't too close to the edges of the fabric in the area of the zipper along with doing the back tacking as shown in photo number 10 .

5. If you hate changing the sewing foot all of the time, you can cheat and use the regular sewing foot when inserting a zipper. Just move the sewing machine needle towards the zippers teeth as far as it will go, which should be about 1/4 of an inch as shown in photo number 9.

6. When sewing about 1/4 inch seams, instead of using your seam guide, just move the sewing needle instead, and have the edge of the fabric close to the edge of the pressure foot, similar to what you did when sewing in the zipper as shown in photo number 9.

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