Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update on the Brother SE350

Today I tried out doing some embroidery work. I printed "Peggy Winifred" on some scrap fabric. Did it the real old fashioned way, using paper towls as a tear away backing. Worked out fine.

Someone told me to try coffee filters for the backing, so I ran out and bought some. Not a coffee drinker. Am a tea totler. I have a small metal measuring tape on my key chain that I pulled out and used to measure their width. Coffee filters, it turns out, come in different widths.  The ones I ended up buying are circular, 8.25 inches in diamater, with 250 of them in a pack. Bought two of them because they were on sale, two packs for three dollars. Can't go wrong with that price, even if they're the store brand. I have 500 of them to play around with. Should last me a lifetime. Most likely cheaper and probably better than using the paper towls. Will let you know with the next post.

The area for embroidering that this machine does is four inches square.  The embroidery hoop that came with the machine has about a 5 X 6.25 inch work area. There's a clear plastic grid that also comes with it that has holes in it for putting a ball point pen or the like, marking off the embroidering area and the center of the area. Of course, instead of using a regular pen you'd use a chalk pen for doing your markings.  Put a coffee filter in the hoop. It just fits it with all four corners covered. 

Have to watch and make sure that I buy this size again, if I ever run out of the ones I now have in my sewing notions stash. Better yet, are the ones for the electric coffee makers that are larger than these.  No sense putting them in the kitchen with my other appliances there, because I don't have a coffee machine nor a coffee pot. If you get served coffee at my place, it's instant coffee.

Now, off to play with my new machine and the coffee filters......

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