Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Doll Beds & Doll Cradles

American made.
Hand crafted in the USA by Charlie and Peggy
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As Santa's helpers, here are some photos of the Doll Beds and Doll Cradles that Charlie and I have been working on which includes covered mattresses...  They are recommended for ages 5 and up.

The front and back on the cribs are the same.  The doll beds headboard is taller than the bottom part. The insides of the beds are painted white with the outside having a wooden grain look. 

The mattresses are polyester with the mattress covers being a white cotton-polyester fabric.

More views with dolls in the beds and cradles.
The beds will comfortably fit dolls up to about 20 inches long, whereas the cradles are for baby dolls up to about 17 inches long.   

There are no nuts, bolts, screws or the like in them. The beds and cribs each consist of 7 inter-locking pieces which are easily assembled. Adult guidance suggested for same.
7 Simple Assembly Steps
With the 7 interlocking pieces they can easily be taken apart and unassembled and reassembled when going to visit Grandma for a few days or the like, especially if taking the dolls along too. These assembly instructions are for both the beds and cribs.
Just put the mattresses into the beds and/or cribs after they are assembled.  Dolls are then ready for nap time and/or bedtime.
Bedding, such as pillows, pillow cases, sheets, top sheets, blankets,  decorative pillows and comforters can also be added. Peggy also makes some of them up. Photos taken by Peggy at a local Flea Market that she and Charlie attended with their doll beds and doll cribs.