Friday, February 19, 2010

Using Coffee Filters on the Brother SE350.

I like the way that the coffee filters came out a lot better than the paper towels did when using the Brother SE350.  Really a lot neater and a cleaner looking back. Plus a lot easier for tearing away. I doubled up on the coffee filter. I really have enough of them to do that, with the 2 packs of 250 of them... Used them for backings on a craft cotton with embroidering 3 initals, an inch tall, that take up a wee bit over an inch wide when you include the spacing between them. They just about filled up the 4 inch embroidering area widthwise.

I broke another needle. This time I immediately hit the green button to stop the the machine even before the machine's safety notice came up . What happened was that I had the wrong size end cap on the top spool of thread.

The instruction book says to use a larger one than the spool size, which I didn't do. The thread got stuck in that little slant in the spool that it's in when you buy the spool of thread. That's exactly why they say to use the larger spool end cap. My error. For me, this is a learn as you go and a trial and error in changing over from a manual operating machine to a computerized machine.

Am running the machine now with a number 14 needle. It came with a number 11 inserted into it. Always ran my machines with the number 14 needle. Learned that back in the 1950's from my high school sewing instructor you might say.Either her or my mother. One of them taught me that little trick. If using a delicate fabric, I change the needle for that, or if using a heavy fabric, use a heavier needle. For everyday use on the craft cotton when working with the YKK zippers in the Panty Purses, I think the number 14 is a better choice. That might be why the first needle broke, because it was a number 11.

As for breaking needles, found out from some of my crafty internet embroidery friends that this is a common thing with them. They said that they buy the needles in bulk, a hundred at a clip. Guess I'm going to have to do that, too, for doing my craft work.

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