Monday, December 31, 2012

New Dolly Club Member & Author

Came across one of the Karen's and the Dolly Club on recently and joined the group there. With my first granddaughter being 2 1/2 years old, I "got the fevor" of making doll clothes again. Just have to get started doing same. Seems like I haven't made any in ages, with having sons and no daughters. Picked up a pattern for making clothes for an 18 inch doll yesterday afternoon when going to Walmart's to buy myself a new pair of shoes. Some of my shoes are scratched up from Velvet, my black cat's claws. Hate to say it, but Velvet passed on earlier this month and most likely at Rainbow Ridge awaiting their masters to pick them up while enroute to heaven. She was about 14 1/2 years old. She was born on April 1, 1998, and a Bombay, which is like a minature black panther with yellow eyes. A "pantherine" you might say Velvet was. Both Sparky, my other cat, who is a Calico, who is three months younger than Velvet, and I will miss Velvet a whole bunch. Back to dolls... Bought my granddaughter an 18 inch doll for Christmas this year. It has long brown hair and brown eyes. Also bought myself one, with blonde hair and blue eyes to use as a manikin... Yea, right! Think I'll call my doll "Theresa" which is the name I had picked out if I ever had a daughter. It was my grandmothers middle name and the name I took for confirmation. Her first name was Winifred, where my middle name came from. Thus she, was Winifred Theresa, which actually is part of my name. I'm more or less known as Peggy Winifred Theresa, which is of Irish ancestory, same as my mother and my grandmother... When I make up some doll clothes, etc for Dolly and Theresa, I'll post some here and on the Dolly Club blogspot. I signed up to become an author over there. Speaking of "author" went to lunch with a friend whose black cat's name is "Author Author" earlier today. He has both a first and last name, both being Author...LOL. She is an author herself, with several books published. If you look over on the side where my links are, you'll find her listed there, Louise Barton, Tonight is New Years Eve. I decided to stay in. Had a couple of invites to go out, but, not really in the mood for celebrating. Still missing Velvet a lot. Sparky is still prancing around the house looking for Velvet, calling her all of the time with her Siamese sounding meows. Maybe I'll start making my first outfit for the dolls instead of running the roads with some of my senior peers tonight.