Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crumb Catchers/Adult Bibs

One Crumb Catcher/Adult Bib for coffee

And one Crumb Catcher/Adult Bib for tea.

I started making up the Crumb Catchers in the early 1990's for my terminally ill father.  Have made up plenty more for other senior citizens over the years. I call them Crumb Catchers because of the pocket I put across the bottom of them. These adult bibs are actually reversible. The other side of the bib is the same as the pocket fabric.

Some senior citizens even have two Crumb Catchers. One for home and one for eating out, which includes me.  I even carry one in my purse. Never know when one will be needed when out and stopping to and eat. Not unusual for some of my friends to do same, too. Some folks seeing us breaking out our Crumb Catchers in restaurants smile and chuckle. We, of course, say that we come prepared.  They usually grin some more.

When making up the Crumb Catchers, I usually use different fabrics for them. Some folks even put in special orders such as the ones for a newly wed couple in their 80's that the coffee and tea ones above were made up for. They were the first Crumb Catchers that I did up on the Brother SE350 sewing/embroidery machine. All of the others were made on my older sewing machine.  Another neighbor had me make several up for her with using a glittering gold fabric along with one that had a pink background with printed desserts on the fabric. Also made up some Crumb Catchers in silver, too.

Another neighbor wanted grapes on her Crumb Catcher. These were made up on my other sewing machine last year.  I did up something different with hers. I made up a mini purse from the cutout from the neck area. Put a brass button on it along with a ribbon for a loop for the closeure.

The grape Crumb Catcher and mini purse.

Made up a matching mini purse out of the neck area cutout for the grape Crumb Catcher which is seen folded up next to it in the above photo.

The Crumb Catcher is inserted into the mini purse in this photo.

I've been thinking of makeing up matching Panty Purses for carrying the Crumb Catachers in. Both the Crumb Catchers and the Panty Purses are novelty items, and, will most likely go well together. If and when I do same, I'll post a photo of the set here on this blog.

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  1. Hello Peggy,
    Hope you are well :).I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a very good job :) im so proud of you.I understand how much of time it takes to sew one piece of something and turingthat into writing and pictures for others i deeply appreciate that :).and in a way, you reminded me of my mom :)..
    hmm..keep up the good work and i really lik your ideas wipe covers!hehe n; crumb collectors etc brilliant ideas :)..love grap purse n apron too :)
    I have to go now..you takcare :)