Friday, January 29, 2010

Undies/Panty Purses

You've most likely heard of the Bra Purses, but, have you recently heard of the Undies/Panty Purses?

One of the craft groups I belong to started making them up, and, I joined in the fun of making them to my likings. Mine have a vintage look to them. Mainly because I put some rick rack and or lace on them. Some are plain because the trim would take away from the fabric design itself. Some even have removable wrist bands such as the one up above.

I even entered some Panty Purses into a craft contest that's being ran by J and O Fabrics over on Facebook. That's Pop in over there and check out my undie/panty purses there. The craft contest requires that you use the Official NFL fabric of one of the teams of same on your craft item. I had some of that fabric from the NY Jets in my fabric stash and put it to use for same. On Facebook, I'm known as Peggy Cox over there.

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