Saturday, January 30, 2010

Link to my NY Jets Undies/Panty Purse entry.

Please vote for them at:

The voting is over. Didn't win, but, thanks for voting on them anyway. Didn't really expect to win. Was just the challenge that was entreating.

2 Panty Purses. One with lace on the legs area and one without lace on it. Size is about 8 inches wide at the hips area. Length is about 6 inches from top zippered area to the crotch area. Can be used as a cosmetic bag or the like in a purse. I also put removable white cord wrist bands on them for jogging or for quick trips to the store when just carrying a small business size/charge card size mini holder inside it. For decorating them, also use matching rick rack on some of them in the leg areas and a row of rick rack just below the zipper that runs across the top of the bag. For these panty bags used the NY Jets Official fabric with a matching white lining.

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