Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teddy Bear

Practicing on making teddy bears. This is the first one I made up. Used a McCalls pattern that was dated 1993 that only calls for 2 pattern parts. Patterns also for a rabit and a lamb also included in the pattern envelope. Have another McCalls pattern dated 1996 that looks just about the same and see that they have another similar one out at present.  Might be making more teddy bears up in the near future.  

Used the plastic eyes that have plastic washers in the back of them on the teddy bear. Made up the triangular nose from some black scrap fabric.

Made up a mini full apron for the teddy bear. The pine cones on the fabric are about the size of a penny. The background is a dark green with lighter green pine needles on it.  Outlined the apron with white lace. Used  white 3/8 inch wide ribbon for the overlayed and sewn on waistband along with using same for all 4 of the apron ties. Yep, used my Brother SE350 sewing/embroidery machine when making the bear and the apron.

Promised to make up a "Memory Bear" for one of my neighbors, Marie. She gave me one of her recently deceased hubby's sweat shirts to make one of them up for her from the garment. Will be putting a red heart on the bears chest with her hubby's name on it is the present plan.

There's a group called "Care Alternatives" that makes up "Memory Bears" for their Hospice patients. One of their reps will be coming to our ASG Neighborhood Group meeting on September 10th to talk to us about possibly having a workshop for making them up next month, October. They seem to have a McCall pattern that they use. Don't know if its the same one I used. Will find out on the 10th.

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