Sunday, September 12, 2010

1. Buttonhole Pillow - Pocket Pillow/Cutting out the squares

Storyboard of the Buttonhole Pillow/Pocket  Pillow
Actually, either side could be the front or the back.
For the Buttonhole pillow, the one labeled
Back" is the "Front" and
Visa Versa for the Pocket Pillow,
 as it is labeled above.

NOTE: The idea of making up this "Memory Pillow" came from:

We started off with a man's shirt, size Large.

We used a 16 inch pillow, which is 40 1/2 cm

1. We buttoned up the shirt all the way down the front of it.

NOTE: I left the pocket on for doing up the Pocket Pillow. If you don't want the pocket on, remove it before doing this step for making the Buttonhole Pillow. In other words, removing the pocket is optional.

2. We turned the shirt inside out.

3. We measured down 2 inches from the edge of the shoulders, which is about 6 1/2 cm's on both sides of the shirt.

4. We drew a line across the shirt from the 2 inches we marked off in number 3 .
 I used a regular pen because we're working on the inside of the shirt and these lines are going to be our cutting lines. 

5. Because we are using the 16 inch pillow, we add an inch, which gives us 17 inches to measure down from line in number 4. Make several of these across the width of the shirt, and do same everytime we do such markings. This is about 43 1/4 cm's.  Hereafter, whenever I say the 17 inches, mark of the 43 1/4 cm's inches.

6. Draw a line across the shirt, using the markings that you made in number 5.

7. Make sure that the buttons are closed and look even from the top to the bottom of the shirt.

8. We will be marking off the 17 inches across the shirt. To do this, put your yardstick at 8 1/2 inches on the area where the button was sewn onto the shirt. That's about 21 1/2 cm's.  Mark both sides, at the end of the yardstick and the 17 inches. Repeat this all the way down the shirt where the buttons are sewn onto the shirt. 

9. Draw a line down both sides of the shirt to the bottom line that you marked off in number 8. End each of the two lines at the line you drew across the shirt in number 6. 

10. Now, you should have a square drawn on the shirt. Cut it out. Be careful and only cut this square from the front of the shirt.

11. After you cut out the front square, cut the back of the shirt out from below the back yolk and down the sides, at the seams as shown above. We are going to make another 17 inch square on this piece. To start off,  mark 17 inches  in several places down the shirt from the top edge of the shirt as shown above.

12.  Draw a straight line across the shirt width where you marked off in number 11.

13. Draw a line down just one side of the shirt, with it ending at the line you drew in number 12.

14. From that line, the one you drew in number 13, measure and mark 17 inches across the width of the shirt in several places.

15.  Draw a line down the length of the shirt from the markings in number 14.

16. You now have the three sides marked, the bottom, the right side and the left side. You should have a straight cut across the top from when you cut just below the yolk in number 11.  Now, cut out the 3 sides. You now have your second square and are ready to start sewing away.

17. Go to the next step, which starts at 2. Buttonhole Pillow - Pocket Pillow/Sewing the squares together at

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