Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Charlie G's Apron

Here's a photo of Charlie G wearing one of the two aprons I made for him recently. Besides his loving to cook, he had me make one for him to wear while he worked in his home/hobby wood shop where he makes lawn ornaments and, most recently doll beds and doll cribs.

The fabric is denim for the body of the aprons with the ties made out of a blue and green John Deere cotton plaid. It's hard to see all of the pockets. There is one at the top section of the apron along with a row of them going across the width of the bottom of the apron, all from the denim fabric too. 

The two aprons are pretty much identical. Except that one of the aprons has a zipper on it, going across a section of one of the bottom pockets for when he goes to the flea markets with the wooden items he hand makes.


  1. Peg, great apron!!
    (Charlie looks pretty happy with it!)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Pat T.
    in Michigan

  2. Thanks Pat. Yes, Charlie really likes his custom made aprons that I made up specially for him.