Monday, May 31, 2010

Margo on the go

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Margo, front view

No sooner was my first Margo finished off, she left home. That is, about five minuites after her completion. Margo stopped and posed for some photos before her departure. Margo moved across the street from me and went from her newer New Jersey home, in the garden state, down to Florida, the sunshine state, with her new owner, Mary, to visit Mary's sister in Florida the following morning, via airplane, like around 6 AM.

Margo, Back View

My neighbor, Mary, saw Margo in the making a few days earlier and fell in love with her. She saw Margo's LGD pattern illustration, too. That was even before Margo was assembled and completed. Then, Margo was merely just 4 sections, the front pannel with her two pockets, the back pannel and two inner sections with their strips of pockets. My neighbor wanted her. She also liked Margo's shoulder strap along with her LGD's pattern.

Margo in the making.
 Margo's fabrics came from Walmart's a couple of weeks ago. The sunflower print is one of Cranston's VIP prints. It has a green background. Believe it or not, bought more from this fabric line over ten years ago, with different colored backgrounds. Also bought some solid colored fat quarters there earlier this month that I also used in making Margo up too. Something new, our Walmart's selling fat quarters....

I made some changes which are noticable in the photos. 

1. When making 30 inch long handles, I had two fifteen inch strips left over. I put them to use rather than adding them to the fabric scraps pile. I gave Margo a top band.

2. Used 4 buttons for garnishing Margo. I used 2 smaller buttons for the centers of the 2 larger buttons. Put the bottons on the center top of both the front and the back of Margo. Used two different shades of yellow on the larger buttons.

3. Used the lighter button on the front to match the lighter colored rick rack that I have running down the front center and across the bottom of Margo. Also ran a row of green rick rack and a deeper shade of yellow, sorta like a golden mustard color on another row around the top band, which matches the other button on the back of Margo.

4. Instead of giving Margo a recessed zipper, I backed the buttons with Velcro for closing her up.

5. For the brown inner pockets on both of the yellow inner sides I used just one fat quarter. I turned the fat quarter oblong to do that. Made one side shorter. The side for the cell phone, pill bottles, keys, etc. The pockets on the other side are the normal regular length, which is long enough to hold a pen and other larger items. I lined the pockets up at the top when sewing them onto the inner parts. Also ran two rows of stitches across the bottoms so I didn't insert them into Margo upside down and so I knew their bottoms from their tops.

Margo Handbag, Lazy Girl Designs # 127, completed

Of course, before walking Margo over to Mary's house, I also showed Margo off to some of my other neighbors. Told them that Margo was already spoken for by Mary. Mary liked Margo so much that she, herself, ran Margo over to another one of her friends houses to show her off there, too, after her being in Mary's possession for only about five minuites.

Margo came out a lot, lot better than I expected her to come out, that's for sure. She was easy to run off on my Brother SE350 sewing/embroidery machine. Margo must have arrived in Florida by now, with Mary, as I post this entry into my blogspot.

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  1. Hi peg, sorry I took so long to reply. Your bag turned out awesome! I love the colours. The pattern I used for the sunsuit is Simplicity #9784. I cut about an inch off the hem,and curved the back pieces up from the sideseam, and added a ruffle. Very easy! Good luck, and thanks for commenting.