Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wine Tasters Wine Glass Necklace Holders/Totes

Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Listing my hand made wine glass necklace holder/totes over on eBay, Etsy, ArtFire & NJ ArtFire. Doing this up quickly because the ASG, American Sewing Guild's monthly internet meeting is about to start within the hour. So, just dropping off some photos of the WGNH/WGT's

Did up a special order recently, in pink dogwood fabric on the WGT's.

Another recent Special Order

I liked this Special Order so much that I offer it in some of my internet listings. I offer 24 different fabric swatches for them to choose to have their custom-made WGT's out of. Some vary somewhat from this selection.

Hafta pay for my Brother SE350 Sewing/Embroidery machine somehow......LOL This is what I do and what keeps me busy inbetween my regular sewing projects. Right now, having OFF SEASON SPECIAL SALES on them over the Internet.....

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